Rethinking Retirement is Re-Engaging Lives!

Finally! A book for those who are tired of the rat race but not yet ready to retire!

Most of us dream of retirement as the time in our lives when we’ll finally be able to do what we’ve always wanted to do - but why do you have to wait?  Rethinking Retirement helps you create the life you want now.  By challenging traditional notions of how our lives are “supposed” to go, former financial advisor Keith Weber offers a new path for creating freedom, balance, purpose and passion in your life.

Rethinking Retirement is packed with engaging stories, insightful self-discovery exercises and practical, down-to-earth financial education and advice. For the next generation of retirees and those already retired, Rethinking Retirement will help you create a richer and more rewarding life.  To preview a short excerpt, click here.